Bootstrap3 CSS API Notes - Text

.small crates grey and smaller font

.lead creates standing-out font

text alignment class: text-left, text-center, text-right, text-justify, text-nowrap

text style class: <b>:bold, <big>:bigger, <code>:computer code, <i>:italic, <mark>:highlight, <strong>: strong, <sub>/<sup>:lift and move down font, <ins>: unline, <del>: delete line

text style class:
-.text-capitalize: only first letter of each work will be upper case

Bootstrap text emphasis class (text with color):
-.text-muted: greyed out
-.text-primary: important, default is blue
-.text-success: default is green
-.text-info: default is blue-grey
-.text-warning: default is brown
-.text-danger: default is red

-<blockquote>: start of a block of quote
-<cite>: cite author name
-.pull-right: all block text align is right